Lukas Koltowski, one of the two founders of JPIF-funded company HealthUp, is the winner of the international competition - Innovators under 35 in Poland.


The jury of the second edition of the competition “Innovators under 35 in Poland” acknowledged the high degree of innovation of the product “MySpiroo” through awarding the first prize to Dr. Łukasz Kołtowski. Koltowski’s co-founder, Piotr Bajtała, was also nominated for the award.


The competition is organized by MIT Technology Review, the oldest technology magazine in the world, the objective is to reward young innovation leaders, who help to resolve global problems and who enhance the quality of life through the development of new technologies.


HealthUp exactly meets these requirements – the company develops a mobile spirometer (MySpiroo) which is wirelessly connected to a dedicated application on smartphones, thus allowing patients with asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) the self- monitoring and management of their diseases.

Until today spirometry  has only been possible in hospitals and doctors’ offices equipped with appropriate desktop devices. MySpiroo will enable patients to monitor their respiratory system  via a small, handheld device,  connected to the smartphone equipped with the respective App. MySpiroo’s data do  not differ from the ones generated with  traditional desktop spirometers.


There is evidence that regular lung function testing  is useful to predict exacerbation episodes, even before the appearance of clinical symptoms. The system might also be useful to diagnose COPD for the first time earlier as it was shown that about 2/3 of persons with COPD are not diagnosed early enough due to measurements being taken too late.

“MySpiroo will help patients to take better care of their health, thus improving the quality of their life, and may help conduct screening for lung diseases “ says Łukasz Kołtowski. ***


MySpiroo is a mobile spirometer, wirelessly connected to the dedicated application for smartphones featuring iOS or Android systems. The device allows patients with asthma or COPD constant monitoring of the respiratory system functions. MySpiroo makes it possible to take measurement at any time and place. The MySpiroo product is at the stage of working, advanced prototypeThe MySpiroo team is  working on a model of telemedical care for the patient with asthma.


HealthUp Sp. z o.o. (producer of MySpiroo), the limited liability company started by Łukasz Kołtowski, PhD – cardiologist, author of the blog mHealth, and Piotr Bajtała, enthusiast of new technologies, former design director at international creative agencies. The company obtained PLN 4.3m in a  seed round of funding led by the  venture capital fund Joint Polish Investment Fund (JPIF)

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